Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Noodles and oddles more- By Garth J Heranado

I have one thing to say about Ramen noodles, tasty. 
These delightful treats fill many mouths and keep them smiling. Whether chicken or beef, I will guarantee that your stomach will fill to the brim. During hard times many survive on this cheap snack. You can go to the store and buy massive cases for next to nothing. I stumbled upon this website which I forgot to write down that was selling cases for the average human being at really low prices. 
In service of both humanity and the planet earth, I, Garth J. Hernando proclaim that Ramen is the number one belly filler besides pizza. 
If you look at countries like Japan, where Ramen is the most popular thing next to Sumo Wrestling, you would drop in pure amazement. In a recent New York Times article they described ramen in Japan as "more then just a cup of noodles" and "Ramen stalls cluster around train stations, and vending machines provide customized bowls." 
This is something everyone should enjoy. Life would be an all around improvement if people only knew how to make a proper bowl of Ramen. There has been a recent upsurge of Ramen shops in New York and it is catching on like a 100 foot tsunami. 
The number one rule of making a good bowl of Ramen is that you have to believe it is you and your noodles. In other words, don't just restrict yourself to the chicken or beef flavoring. Gather vegetables and meats. 
I remember on one cloudy night I woke up hungry. There was nothing but haze and I was losing sleep because I was getting very, very, very hungry. I dug around in my drawer and rummaged through finding myself a pack of Maruchan Ramen, chicken flavor. I knew it would take time. But a good man never backs away from a good bowl of food. I refused to believe that there were only noodles. I scampered down to the dorm refrigerator in my pajamas. I found many unmarked items like some wieners and bay leaves. I chopped them up, added them in and let my noodles cook, american style. Soft and gooey, sautéed in a pan. Throwing in the ingredients, I had myself a grand concoction of flavor. It was the most amazing midnight snack that I had ever come up with. I could not believe how well it went down. I was so pleased that I went straight to bed and dreamed of the possibilities for many other Ramen dishes. 
Think of the possibilities: green peppers, scallions, mounds of soda crackers, fresh tomatoes, garlic, oregano, mushrooms, cheese, beans and many more. The smiles on people's faces will grow as your Ramen becomes everyone's because it's that good. 
So remember, its not what the bowl does to you but what you do to the bowl. Take your spoon or fork or whatever you use, and slop yourself some good old' fashioned Ramen. Remember that you must think outside of the hole. Don't let any nit-picky people come by and tell you that you can't throw weird ingredients in Ramen. You better tell them "Well yes you can and you better like it!" 
Life is too short to die on an empty stomach, so dig in and enjoy. 

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