Monday, November 29, 2004

Get more mug for your buck!!!

Have you ever been Mugged by a sandwich? 
Well now you can, at Mugsy's Cafe. The finest sandwiches and melts in the Ohio valley. 
Located off Three Springs Drive, you turn left and drive for a little ways. It's right across the street from the 24-hour Sheetz
Primarily, I was attracted to the name alone. But now I associate the word "Mugsy's" with a big juicy sandwich. Never before have I been so greatly satisfied by a sandwich. Mugsy's Cafe (to me anyway) makes my personal top ten list for best sandwiches of all time. You would never know by the name alone, let alone the looks and location. Yet you step in , attend to the counter, order a sandwich and sit yourself down. In the next ten minutes you find yourself curiously waiting, slightly gazing at the half open kitchen while scanning the sports scores. 
Let me draw from personal experience. I was sitting like a tired old tomato waiting for my sandwich, when all of the sudden, I was confronted by a giant Philly cheese steak with a side a fries. An associate of mine was also attacked by a rather robust Reuben. Nothing but surprise was drawn upon my face as I whispered a quick prayer. Move over Philadelphia (I have never been to Philadelphia), Mugsy's Cafe served the finest cheese steak I had ever consumed. 
The meat was perfectly consistent with the cheese, giving it a well balanced taste. The sauce was not to salty or too sweet. The onions were sautéed to perfection. The bread was wide and thick with a light flaky crust, contributing to the common good of the sandwich. Eating at Mugsy's is like eating while thinking about your food simultaneously. Meaning I enjoyed every bite and every moment of that beautiful cheese steak. 
Besides the Reuben and the Philly, there was a great selection of other big names like the grilled chicken and the good old turkey. Also on the menu, was a great selection of salads. 
Although the decor was simple, the food simply took over. The prices were reasonable, I paid about $5 something for a sandwich and a side of fries which filled me up right away. It's booth style of seating was both cozy and conversational. The width of the table was short, making the space between you and your partner closer. Which makes it really good for an intimate dinner with that special someone. You can even watch a little T.V. or hit the VLTs in a discreet, small room to the side. There is a little bar in front of the kitchen so you can watch the excitement. The self serve beverages satisfied my thirst. The bathrooms were cozy. And overall the restaurant area had a very clean appearance. The service was also great . I was greeted by both smiles and prompt service people. 
It's one of those places you might find yourself going for lunch at work. Laughing the lunch away, you begin a Mugsy's tradition which in turn can give you years of enjoyment. My point of view may sound both exaggerated and slanted but the truth is out there. Mugsy's offers a genuine value and comfort to its customers. Its honest appeal won over my heart and may win yours also. The sandwiches may be large and simple and the name may turn you off. But Mugsy's is no hole in the wall with beer bottles flying around hitting you in the head. It's a quaint little establishment which gets the job done. 
And remember folks, the number one rule of a restaurant is to fill stomachs and Mugsy's does just that.
I, Garth Hernando, give Mugsy's my smack of approval. Now all you have to do is go and enjoy!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Noodles and oddles more- By Garth J Heranado

I have one thing to say about Ramen noodles, tasty. 
These delightful treats fill many mouths and keep them smiling. Whether chicken or beef, I will guarantee that your stomach will fill to the brim. During hard times many survive on this cheap snack. You can go to the store and buy massive cases for next to nothing. I stumbled upon this website which I forgot to write down that was selling cases for the average human being at really low prices. 
In service of both humanity and the planet earth, I, Garth J. Hernando proclaim that Ramen is the number one belly filler besides pizza. 
If you look at countries like Japan, where Ramen is the most popular thing next to Sumo Wrestling, you would drop in pure amazement. In a recent New York Times article they described ramen in Japan as "more then just a cup of noodles" and "Ramen stalls cluster around train stations, and vending machines provide customized bowls." 
This is something everyone should enjoy. Life would be an all around improvement if people only knew how to make a proper bowl of Ramen. There has been a recent upsurge of Ramen shops in New York and it is catching on like a 100 foot tsunami. 
The number one rule of making a good bowl of Ramen is that you have to believe it is you and your noodles. In other words, don't just restrict yourself to the chicken or beef flavoring. Gather vegetables and meats. 
I remember on one cloudy night I woke up hungry. There was nothing but haze and I was losing sleep because I was getting very, very, very hungry. I dug around in my drawer and rummaged through finding myself a pack of Maruchan Ramen, chicken flavor. I knew it would take time. But a good man never backs away from a good bowl of food. I refused to believe that there were only noodles. I scampered down to the dorm refrigerator in my pajamas. I found many unmarked items like some wieners and bay leaves. I chopped them up, added them in and let my noodles cook, american style. Soft and gooey, sautéed in a pan. Throwing in the ingredients, I had myself a grand concoction of flavor. It was the most amazing midnight snack that I had ever come up with. I could not believe how well it went down. I was so pleased that I went straight to bed and dreamed of the possibilities for many other Ramen dishes. 
Think of the possibilities: green peppers, scallions, mounds of soda crackers, fresh tomatoes, garlic, oregano, mushrooms, cheese, beans and many more. The smiles on people's faces will grow as your Ramen becomes everyone's because it's that good. 
So remember, its not what the bowl does to you but what you do to the bowl. Take your spoon or fork or whatever you use, and slop yourself some good old' fashioned Ramen. Remember that you must think outside of the hole. Don't let any nit-picky people come by and tell you that you can't throw weird ingredients in Ramen. You better tell them "Well yes you can and you better like it!" 
Life is too short to die on an empty stomach, so dig in and enjoy. 

Monday, August 16, 2004

Capri meatballs and subS

I never realized it was that good.
The scrumptious Meatball sandwich satisfied my hunger for at least another 3 hours.
I had nothing to do but eat, it is a privilege and a responsibility. For $3.29 dollars I received a lifetime experience of pure eating pleasure. I could not believe that some students would rather eat at Hardee's or McDonald’s. 
Open for 32 years, Capri was both delicious and delectable; satisfying the stomachs of many hungry men. Located just across the street from the Holiday Inn in Steubenville, OH, Capri offers both value and quality to those students in need. Manager Robert Carducci, who graduated from Franciscan University in 1973 is slightly puzzled at why the students can't eat more Capri
Located beyond BP, I opened up some green doors. Inside were old ladies serving up Steubenville's finest sausage and meatball sandwiches. On the opposite side, Robert Carducci was hard at work preparing handcrafted sausage patties in a separate section. I had the option to buy bulk sausage, hot or mild, in links or patties. Also I can pick up some fresh sandwich sauce by the quart or by the pint... Also available are party trays if you have the time to phone ahead and make the order. Service is both fast, friendly and efficient. The only change I would make to the place would be a larger sign so people would notice it more. Many students have no idea that this gem exists. 
If you are thirsty you can buy fresh fountain pop.