Tuesday, February 1, 2005

The Wonders of the Heel

Who could have known that one meatball heel could feed a family of ten? Along with its sidekick, bread, the heel has kicked its way into food history by launching itself into esophagus’ worldwide. Served by many and often ignored, the heel carries the power to transform hunger into gluttony in seconds. Only the bravest of men dare order this robust delicacy.
During my first experience at the Ville Restaurant, in the Fort Steuben mall, I stubbornly refused to order a meal. I claimed to be full and ordered a small plate of fries. I was already finished with my course when I noticed that my acquaintance at the time was happily clamping down on his meatball heel. Feeling an itch of wonder, my arm lunged towards the half-eaten heel, quickly withdrawing so not to be noticed…but it was too late. Everyone stared in amazement and disgust. This time my love for food had gone too far and I knew it. Remember, the number one rule of eating someone else’s food is to ask before you take. Yet out of charity I was offered the rest of the heel. On the outside it all seemed so innocent, yet on the inside I was lavishing in carnal delight. Ferociously devouring the rest of the heel, I fell in love.
Its not just balls of meat stuffed in a big loaf of bread, it’s more. These days I cant get away with manipulating food from acquaintances. I will always remember my first meatball heel at the Ville Restaurant and it didn’t belong to me.
Lately, I’ve had an itch to blast into the past. To rekindle my gurgly feelings of days gone, I felt impelled to revisit the places I had haunted before. So I headed up to Mugsy's Cafe and more, once again returning to that old familiar Pleasureland of colossal, crusty, meat-infused sandwiches. The last time I was here, my taste buds had danced a wild slam-dance of happiness when I ordered the Mugsy’s Philly cheese steak. This time, I ordered my own famous meatball heel. A triplet of acquaintances gathered around the table remembering good times. Who would have known this journey would take me to the famous West Virginia hub? I would have to say without lying that it was the finest heel I have ever had. Its texture soft and crispy as my saliva broke down the sugars in the bread and its insides, the meatballs themselves, needed a little more help from the acids of my stomach. And boy, my bowels boiled in delight. Along with a side of fries and gravy, a meatball heel can fill you up in seconds. And remember you’ll always remember your first one. So if you take the time, I would like each of my readers to write about their first experiences with a meatball heel in the comments section of this blog. Till next time, eat well and live your life like a bull on the run.

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