Monday, August 30, 2010

Two Cheese not one

Ever since the two cheeseburger meal left the McDonalds menu there was a void in my life. No longer could I go get something that would both satisfy my hunger and fond childhood memories. It was an easy to digest happier meal, unlike some of those monsters on sale today. Who would have thought that two cheeseburgers could cause so much happiness. I recall as it flowed through my bowels like happy children roaring down a waterslide. But most of all it made gave me the desire to become successful. Because in life no one person can go at it alone. And just like a person the cheeseburger also needs a companion.
If I was working at McDonalds I wouldn’t be working I would be eating cheeseburgers two at a time just like they were meant to be eaten.
Come on it was a top seller. And compared to its fat brother the double cheeseburger it tastes a lot better. Please help bring back the two cheeseburger meal at McDonalds. Until then my life will not be whole.

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wheatgerm said...

I love two cheeseburgers