Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meatball Mania!!!

Never before has the thought of a juicy ball of meat seemed so tasty. It was from one of the most unlikely places nestled in a giant furniture store, IKEA. Department store food has never tasted so good. In what originally started as a journey for furniture, ended up as a delight for my bowels.
The price the taste and the way it rolled down my throat and straight into my gut. If it were not for lack of time I could have managed to burrow one hundred meatballs down my throat.
The first thing I noticed was the spongy texture that bounces off your teeth as you chew. And with every chew comes a fresh burst of flavour as the juices for the meat are released.
After several meatballs there was still room for desert yet I felt satisfied. It was as if I ate the perfect meal. If there is one thing I can truly say about IKEA meatballs is that you can basically eat them like popcorn. In fact movie theatre’s should start selling them. By the time you have read this I hope you have already left to your nearest Ikea to satisfy your hunger. Till next time, my bowels are satisfied.

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